• True To You - A Chapter In My Life

    Knowing what you stand for isn't the easiest thing in the world to figure out. We may have found a way to make the process simpler. Always looking out, the Satori way!
  • "Entering Your Villain Arc"

    While the term may be glamourized and exaggerated, the suggestion of entering a villain arc may seem completely off-putting and undesirable. Not to be taken literally, the definition of this term does have some validity. Click here to see more. 
  • “Are You Happy For Me?”

    A smile can be your best or worst feature depending on who you are. In some cases, it can tell you all you need to know. You know what to do next.
  • Be The Change You Want To See

    "You don’t need the approval of the world to make change happen."

    Your decisions define you and your willingness to change can help take you to the next level. Click here and found out how you can change your lifestyle today.


  • Yes, You Care About What People Think

    We all care about what people think of us. It's natural. So who's opinion should we not entertain at all? Click here and find out!
  • Why You Need To Use The 24 Hour Rule

    This rule can help manage situations in your life and allow you to progress on your journey.